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EXTENDED RELEASE PARTY for BOW first EP - f a c t o t u m -
Starring also a visual art group show !


_ Juliette Cazalic
_ Aurèle His Belliard
_ Céleste Joly
_ Rémi Lambert
_ Margaux Nieto
_ Manuel Sajn
_ Dome Wood


The Abyss like a black hole where no light-of-being escapes from, echoes beyond the chambers of our being.
An infinite and lightless drop.

There is also this sensation of an inner light.

And to this an inner darkness.

A darkness that reminds us of an infinite fall — The Abyss.


BOW is a another brussels music project carries by the colors of indie music and kraut rock.

Hybrid set up performed as a trio, lead by a narrative mixing instrumentals, electonic and vocals.

Sonic rebellion, Psychelic limits, Welcome the Spaceship


Electronics _ Charles Fauville
Drum _ Anaïs Binggeli
Guitar & Vocal _ Aurèle His Belliard




// Openning 6:30pm

// Live Music 8:30pm

// Curfew 00:00




// Exibition Open 4:30 to 8:00pm

// BOW Video Clip Projection : Looping each hours


Saturday 11 dec => Paf 5€ . CST

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