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The 10th edition of the Nuits du Beau Tas will be as usual experimental and eclectic..
With the legend of minimalism Charlemagne Palestine for the Sub Rosa Arcane #4 and the emergent prepared pianist Barbara Drazkov...
With the cistre player and composer Michaël Grebil Liberg for a chapel night at Grand Hospice...
See the first names here!

6/5 : Sub Rosa Arcane #4 with Charlemagne Palestine and Barbara Drazkov (prepared piano) at Le Lac

7/5 : Michaël Grebil Liberg (cistre and voice) playing de Machault, Cage, Feldman and Liberg at chapelle du Grand Hospice

11/5 : La Race (french noise) at Café central

12/5 : Carlos Payan (double bass and composition) at Maison Erasme

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