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Le 23 Octobre.
Release concert of Limite's album "Mountains Inside" at Le Lac (Rue de Witte de Haelen 36 - Brussels)

Sinking stories, in life and dreams...
Crafted and abrasive post rock songs to move you in every direction !
Limite is an introspective rhapsody where jazz and alternative rock left their traditional paths far behind.
Their first album, Mountains Inside, reveals the intimate, inner mountains, of a band full of overflowing inventiveness.

Entrance ticket : 6€

Doors: 7pm

Concert : 9pm
Entrance + Album : 15€

Kobe Dupont (vocals, guitar) . Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar, vocals)
Camille-Alban Spreng (synths) . Jordi Cassagne (bass) . Théo Lanau (drums)

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